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Stardust Meatball Creations!

Stardust song by twitch.tv/lp_music

Stardust animation by twitch.tv/aedonixcaylios

Follow the call of the stardust meatball by twitch.tv/murdarg

Improvised stardust meatball song by twitch.tv/lp_music

Singing from the heart of a stardust meatball with twitch.tv/datdudethomas

mos by triogaming0414
mos by triogaming0414
Monkey by MyCrazyZbrush
Monkey by MyCrazyZbrush
Meatball Rider by tentaclef00
Meatball Rider by tentaclef00
Meatball Overlord by Lasdalias
Meatball Overlord by Lasdalias
Monkey on Strike by callmeeian
Monkey on Strike by callmeeian
Creeper Creator Meatball by Samonos
Creeper Creator Meatball by Samonos
Space meatball by Wintersdeaths
Space meatball by Wintersdeaths
Pixel monkeys by acceptance
Pixel monkeys by acceptance
A pirate meatball by misscrithit
A pirate meatball by misscrithit
Monkey by acepaints
Monkey by acepaints
Meatball Overlord by Kyliarty
Meatball Overlord by Kyliarty
A meatball created by lill2201!
A meatball created by lill2201!
Created by lezatzi
Created by lezatzi
Spaghetti and Stardust by trianosaurus
Spaghetti and Stardust by trianosaurus
Mostrich by solr_Illusion
A Stardust Meatball on Strike with mos by twitch.tv/iinnkone
Third eye meatball by twitch.tv/mrcreeeper
Third eye meatball by twitch.tv/mrcreeep
Monkey Meteors by twitch.tv/crunchyybeast
Monkey Meteors by twitch.tv/crunchyybeast
Monkey Madness by twitch.tv/artofarson
Monkey Madness by twitch.tv/artofarson
Art hug made by twitch.tv/Firielart
Art hug made by twitch.tv/Firielart
twitch.tv/Fwatair gives a meatball a hug
twitch.tv/Fwatair gives a meatball a hug
Bob Mos by twitch.tv/m0nkeyb0y15
Amazing 10/10 stardust meatball by CodiBear
Amazing 10/10 stardust meatball by CodiBear
Meatball head by xAshlerx
Fwatair’s meatball monkey!
Hagrid mona’s stardust meatball!
Monkey on Strike by ICMZ
Screenshot 2015-06-29 17.26.49
Real stardust meatballs by Amelyth
Bearded Meatball by Frijid
Bikini Meatball with Banana by P00se2

Twitch Support!

tentaclef00: Ukulele break! <3 Awesome tip for awesome mos!
Able1212: Able-ution is possible in the Mosiverse
Thesirenmel: Paint a star on your head
mojo: love ya!!!
WintersDeaths: here u go. i fill bad ur doing a good job with no job here is the money to buy ur self a pizza 😛 enjoy
MTS_Wood: not only do you need an assistant. here is extra for a cute one as well *kappa kappa*
heathaxleigh: You’re truly inspiring. Love what you do.
MarkDeyBong: Keep up the great work! mosH mosH mosH
Tentaclef00: For the ukulele and cello duo Mos! <3
notcrunchy: music hype
crunchyybeast: *crunchyybeast has just subscribed; summon the galaxy afro*
reusedtampons: tree fiddy
Ohboy300: You tell us we are awesome meatballs, but I want to say you’re an amazing meatball planet! Thank you!
Able1212:To the meatball of inspiration …I have to thank you for sooo much … I will never forget the day we raided you from Coookiez stream …from that day you have done Soo much for so many 😀 and you said 1-2 ..1-2 much respect
crunchyybeast (crunchyybeast has just subscribed) Kappa
MTS_Wood: Grats on partnership you silly Monkey! Skip the coffee tonight! Get the good stuff. Drinks on me! Thank you for being you brother!
Teddybears_and_icecream: Love your stream and what you are doing for Creative <3 you have done alot for all of us creative streamers ^.^ Thank you. Lots of love.
achipman:heck yes I want to be entered into a raffle!
MTS_Wood: Happy Friday MoS! Hope all is well! Thanks for being one fabulous stardust meatball! Keep up the great work!
MTS_Wood: heading to bed in a bit but wanted to stop by and say hello. here is a buck for a coffee
crunchyybeast: Together we’ll make it, friends <3 love you Mos, creative4life!
MTS_Wood: Dear Mos, I had a great time last night! Thanks for sharing your mind and pointing me towards further information. XOXOXO on all of your PG stardust meatball and grandma friendly parts. Grubby
GoldenKarambit: Enjoy the donation 🙂 amazing work just passing bye
Agrubbyone: What’s up MOS! Much love from Indiana!
mojo: 100%
IINNKNATION: You amazing stardust meatball you !!!!! Like you always say together we can do anything
alexander20112: For your new pc. ;D
ArtofArson: So close!! Wish I could help with more..but passing along some of my first donation to you..Thanks for all your hard work and community building!!!
Johnny_And_Denvermax: Glad to help <3
DomesticDan: Technical difficulties are boo. MOS is yay!
Mojo: love ya man!
diiceypoo: hey dude
achipman: I love your paintings 🙂

diceypoo: U ARE AWESOME

Milythael: Every time I see you, you are entertaining in a creative way.
Rico suave: Here’s a dollar back anyways.
swift bleu: For making the creative section even better!
agrubbyone: you rock man. thanks for all that you do
FancySchmancyTV: Cheers to the most positive art stream in the known Universe. Stay spicy, meatballs!
SceneOfActionMusic: I Love Bacon!
NaturalDave: [Oh] yeah!
RonFreeman85: Thanks for your help and inspiration on Friday. I will keep you posted with my progress.
RegretTruth: Dont ever stop being awesome.
RackedFocus: Hey, keep up the good work Monkey! #Homieshelphomies
 LP_music:Stardust meatball soundtrack coming soon!
RegretTruth: its not much but just wanted to show my support.
CWatHapp1ns: So here’s a down payment on a commission, I want you to do me a painting of your choice, show your passion and love in a work of your choice!
IInnkone: Life is a canvas all u need is IINNK..
Ames: Monkey!
GigiRitch: Lucky 7 for more art supplies! Can’t wait to paint with you!
Valdozockt: Brinkyarmy and Ralfarmy!
Brinkypain: You are awesome! Love my community so much! Thanks for supporting this amazing dude! Monkey, rock on bro!
RalFingerTV: Happy meatball time! <3
GRS_Guenny: Ralfinger und Brinky Army. GERMANY
it_devls:For a colorfull life <3

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