The Prime Directive

The prime directive in the Mosiverse is to create a place for stardust meatballs to conglomerate together with positive energy into a super being capable of creating anything with our amalgamative imagination!

0. Be positive, constructive, and stay awesome!

1. No negativity, hateful speech, cursing, lewd content or excessive caps.

2. No spam, advertisements, or spoilers.

3. No politics, religion, debating or gossip.

4. No links.

5. No personal information; including names, ages, or city. Country is okay.

6. No plagiarism.

Feel free to say hello in your native language, but try to keep chat in English!

This is entertainment: Do not take this seriously! Giveaways in the Mosiverse are not associated with Twitch in any way. No information from this channel is associated with or endorsed by Twitch unless otherwise specified.

This content is editorialized so together we can have fun and be our passionate selves; I attempt to keep this SFW. Ultimately, you will be expelled with explosions and lasers if you are not a positive force in the Mosiverse.

After hours broadcasts might be marked for mature audiences.

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