My streaming setup

I’ve gathered a ton of different supplies since the time I started streaming and I thought I would put together a guide on some of them. In no way are these required to have a great stream, or even a good stream. These supplies help make my streaming setup easy, and high quality, so that I can get everything together to capture my drawing, change the setup for painting, and also put everything back in seconds.

The C920 is a great camera to start out with and can be your entire streaming setup right out of the box. The focus on it is good enough to capture just your face, 2D or 3D work.

Finding great lighting was really difficult with my normal lights so I found this deal for a pair of two soft box lights and I love them.

I also upgraded to a video camera and capture card. This allows for much higher definition image, 60FPS, and the ability to zoom in close on details.

With the video camera, I also picked up a tripod and articulating arm to capture all angles, including an overhead angle for drawing.

For my streaming setup, I want it to be incredibly easy to put up and take down, and I found that the tripods for the camera and for the soft boxes was getting in my way. I ended up purchasing wall mounts for each of my lights, and another one for my camera. These are amazing and make my setup so easy. I couldn’t imagine going back.

An upgrade for my microphone also helped improve the quality of my broadcast. I didn’t want a mixer, so I went with a really high quality USB mic so I picked up this kit:

All of these make up a convenient and high quality setup. Again, none of this is mandatory for a good stream and I would only recommend these if you are looking to upgrade your studio setup!

Landscapes and portraits created by Monkey on Strike