Frequently asked questions:

Monkey on Strike, mos, Mosiverse? Mos is short for Monkey on Strike! The Mosiverse is created for people to create in an affirming atmosphere and connect together with likeminded artists.

Where did the name Monkey on Strike come from? I made this name up a long time ago. It’s changed meaning over the years but its evolved into a name that represents my acknowledgment of my basic nature yet I’m working against from the norm to create something.

What are the rules? Why? Here are the rules. The regular broadcast is an experiment I conduct to create a community of positivity and inspiration inspired by Bob Ross and Bill Nye. For a few hours a day I strive to be a better artist and human and ask that you do the same.  The after hours broadcasts might bend the rules.

Can you draw {this}? Yep!

Will you draw {this}? I don’t do free requests unless otherwise specified. Feel free to send me a private message on Twitch or email me about commissions.

How can we help to support the Mosiverse? Your presence in the Mosiverse and interacting in chat is the easiest way to show support! You can also share the stream on social media. You can support through tips, a subscription, prints from redbubble, or originals from etsy.

“I just tipped [xx], what do I get?” You get my thanks for your support! All tips go right into the stream! My life is creating art and I would love to share it with you so please contact me if you want me to do a commission or you can find my art prints on redbubble.

What is a subscription? What do I get for subscribing? The subscription supports my ability to make broadcasts for you, so you get my genuine thanks! A subscription gives you meatball emotes and access to exclusive content; I send out Super Special Sub videos to my subscribers!  I also have plans for giveaways and free art given out to people who subscribe to my channel.

Can you look at my work? Yes! Every Friday we share work for feedback Friday, where we give constructive criticism, inspiration, and blatant praise. You can also post on the creatorsontwitch.com feedback forum.

Senpai? Nope. I’m happy you enjoy and have great enthusiasm for it but I don’t draw or paint anime.

Can I be a mod? Nope.

Can you host me/raid me/give me/my friend a shout out? Nope. Feel free to message me and let me know what you stream, I will follow you if you do creative, music, programming or game development!

Can I post a link? Nope. All links are posted by mods. Feel free to post a tweet and tag me @monkeyonstrike!

Do you play games on stream? Nope, but I do love gaming! This is for Creative content!

What’s a stardust meatball? All atoms in your body are created in a supernova! Your consciousness is between a meat and water sandwich that is your body! If you are vegetarian, you may also consider yourself a tofu ball of stardust.

What are you working on? Feel free to ask on stream! I am working on creating a community of positive creativity. You might see art experiments that include dance parties, collaborations with the collective consciousness, community building experiments, constructive criticism for feedback Friday, and talk shows featuring artists on twitch..

What’s your setup? You can find links to all of the equipment I use and reccomend here (purchasing in this store will support the mosiverse!)

When did you start streaming? I started streaming April 27, 2015!

Why can’t we talk about or say [this]? Why was I purged/timedout? Read the rules! Please private message me with any questions about the rules or moderation. This is an experiment to make clean content on Twitch. If you do get timed out or purged, it is not personal. It might even be a misunderstanding so please private message me if you have any issues.

What are [after hours] broadcasts? After hours broadcast can be unscheduled streams that might be unfiltered or for mature audiences.

Did you know you have xxx number of viewers/followers? Nope! The numbers are not important; it’s important to me to interact with chat, create a positive community,  and make an entertaining show!

Did you know that {this person} is streaming right now? Great! Please don’t advertise in my channel. You can send me a private message to let me know about new streamers or content that you think I should watch.

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Landscapes and portraits created by Monkey on Strike