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The Mosiverse

Thank you for supporting the Mosiverse in whatever way you have. You are all amazing stardust meatballs!

The Mosiverse is an experiment to be a better, ideal self and share passion with the world. I have been broadcasting my painting, digital art, art games, lessons, art experiments, dance parties, talk shows and super secret broadcasts since April 27, 2015.

I strive to make PG-13 content that inspires and injects joy into your life. Anyone can join together with other stardust meatballs and create anything. We are building up the community here on Twitch, connecting the broadcasters and viewers together.

I took off the fro and shared a super secret broadcast to give an enormous and emotional thank you to the community. It was a mature broadcast with no filter, where I took questions from the broadcasters and viewers.

It is an absolute honor to be a part of this community on Twitch and to shape the future with all of you.

This is my call to action: the creators on twitch are amazing and let’s show everyone what we can do live on Twitch.

The first Creators Talk Show:

Some amazing stuff we have done:  Creators on Twitch Create a Kappa mosaic!

The completed Mosaic!!!

Some amazing stuff we are going to do: Create something inspired by a broadcaster in August.