Speed Painting of a Covered Path

forest and mountain speedpaint


Although I feel like I need to expand on my subject matter, this mountain piece came out how I had hoped. I was aiming for a moody piece that utilized muted colors to bring out one particular focal point. I used the mountain in the middle as a natural focal point and then began working a path to carve into the mountain. The environmental effect of atmosphere on farther away objects is a technique I have been working on capturing with some of my mountain pieces. The colors in this one are closer to what I had hoped for a muted mountain in the background, but repetition of this effect in the same piece would make it more powerful. I need to utilize a range of mountains or a feature on a mountain to give a sense of depth as it fades into the general atmosphere of the background.

Medium: Corel Painter, Wacom Tablet

Length: <1 hr